Today I Will……

Hi Lovey,

It’s early morning, and I’m the first one up in a normally very noisy and active household *maybe you can relate?*.  Brian and I – we are the lucky ones -, because we run our business from our home.  While always working, we never miss a thing – homework happens, play dates happen, the pool riles with lots of extra kids, loud accidents that require band-aids happen.  We are working from home and life is happening.

I think this is why I enjoy the early mornings so very much.  It’s dark outside, the house is quiet. The perfect time to brew a cup of coffee, light a candle and sit quietly to work in the LOVEthirteen studio – our sacred space.  

I am surrounded by beautiful, vibrant crystals.  They fill the room with their beautiful energy and I feel elevated as I work. These mornings begin with a few moments of quiet time with The Divine – to clear, to listen, to ask for the day ahead.  After receiving these moments, I am ready to work and allow the energy to flow through my hands, knowing it’s making it’s way to your hands.

Today, I think I will create something that brings unforeseen clarity and abundance to a beautiful woman who is soon to be a forever friend, follower and collector.  Yes, today I will create some magic….

Sending Magic and LOVE Your Way,


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