The Magic is REAL!

Let’s talk about every woman’s *I mean, MY* favorite subject for a minute: JEWELRY.


But before we can do that, take a moment to remember back to the kind of magic you

imagined you would feel if you ever got the chance to visit Santa’s workshop as a child…

Remember how much your eyes would twinkle just thinking about it! Great. That is exactly the

twinkle you see in the eyes of every adult crowded around Heather and her table full of

LOVEthirteen jewelry at the Epic Life conference, and its exactly the kind of magic you can feel

in the air surrounding it all. Except this time, the magic is REAL!


If you’ve never experienced a LOVEthirteen event in person, there really are few words that

could describe the experience in it’s fullness, but magic is about as close as you can get. It

truly is the grown-up version of Christmas morning. Some people come up to the table with

timid curiosity, wondering what all the commotion is about, while others come running, eager

for what awaits them. But, no matter how a person walks up to Heather and her decadent table

of radiating gems, they all leave the same way: glowing.


You may be wondering how jewelry alone could have such a profound effect upon an entire

room of people and I’m happy to tell you. This is no ordinary jewelry. What not everyone

knows, is that Heather infuses each individual piece of jewelry with so much love and potent

healing energy that the piece chooses its wearer. Literally. And that piece has EXACTLY what

it’s chosen wearer needs. It’s truly a miracle to watch it happen, again and again and again with

person after person who comes up to the table.


I’ve always been a lover of beautiful adornments, especially if they carry some kind of

sentimental significance. I’m also deeply committed to walking a path of healing and love on

this planet, so when I discovered that Heather had somehow combined BOTH into one, I was

smitten from the start.


Spiritual glamour isn’t a fancy phrase, it’s an accurate description of this multi-purpose bling. It

keeps your energy clean, bright and shiny, raises your vibration AND ups your style! WIN. If you ever find yourself at an LOVEthirteen event, you’ll find me creeping at the corner the table, just watching as all the faces light up, and the miracles unfold!

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