The Herkimer Diamond

Hi Lovey,

A true beauty revealed itself to me this past year – a crystal that amplifies the properties of any crystal it’s put next to, The Herkimer Diamond.

We decided this past year to add “Herkimer” diamonds to every single piece of jewelry we create!  While LOVEthirteen has always been high vibrational jewelry, now when worn it allows the wearer to be absolutely radiant and shine bright!

Being a “feeler,” it is such a treat to experience a person sliding my jewelry on, feeling a various chakra clear and feeling their crown open!  They look at me with wonder in their eyes as they feel the energetic tingles race across the top of their head, the swirl of their solar plexus and the space within widen. It is a greater connection to self, one that they have been seeking – to feel more deeply!

Adding Herkimer diamonds has only enhanced this beautiful and magical experience.  You may not be fully aware, but what you will experience is a clearing, an expansion of self and an immediate connection to Higher Self. It is our gift, our offering to the world to add these sparkly beauties to every single piece of jewelry we make. Turning up the light of the world, one radiant, crystal-wearing soul at a time!

With LOVE,


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