New Beginnings…….

Hello Again Love,

Well…A NEW year is upon us…

As I look back at the year we have just walked thru, my heart swells with so much love and adoration for the journey it has been.  There have been so many beautiful women I have had the honor of connecting with, so many exciting and new cities I never would have explored if it were not for you and your desire for LOVEthirteen.  I am grateful beyond words for the experience the year has provided.  It has truly been a dream.

So, with all that has been, I sit here looking out ahead at the year to come.  I immediately get a rush of adrenaline thru my body because I can see the year ahead.  Mostly, I can feel it!  It is big, beautiful, bold, powerful and irresistible!

This year, I hope you ride with me and share in my optimism and expectation for greatness!  I feel an abundant year filled with hard work that is rewarded in gifts of prosperity as great as you can imagine.  I challenge you to get creative and dream big with me! Command your manifestations and then set yourself on fire in life and make them happen!  A common thread thru every detail will be the miracles.  Look for them in everything –  from the itty bitty gift to the greatest of amazements.  And, then, give thanks with your whole heart because we are so beautifully and Divinely guided in every step we take!  Fill your hearts with kindness, compassion and LOVE.  And, in doing so may your year be filled with all the things above and may it flow with ease, grace and harmony.


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