Glamour with an Unexpected Gown

When you put on a piece of LOVEthirteen jewelry, you’re not wearing a cold piece of mass-produced beauty. You’re wearing a hand-crafted carrier of Love, Healing and Protection. One of the things that makes each piece of LOVEthirteen jewelry so special, is the hands that put it together and make sure each detail is just right. The heart that infuses each stone with exactly the love and healing energy YOU need. Shelly Rivkin, a lover of LOVEthirteen, is a radiant, bright Soul who blesses all who know her. She courageously shares her experience with battling an illness with the help of the healing powers of LOVEthirteen, and the beauty of it’s maker, here:


“I have been through so many phases of healing, both mentally and physically, that I must say your healing bracelets have helped me so much.  On top of that, your healing and positive words to me meant so much to me as well. The bracelet you gave me meant so much to me, I brought it to the hospital. It was in my husband’s pocket until I woke up, and then he showed it to me.


This world is filled with some wonderful positive loving people, but too many people are not willing to step forward when the chips are down. I feel so blessed that you have touched my heart.  


People at the hospital laughed.  I was too sick to wear anything other than my lovely hospital gown, but found a way to wear the bracelet you gave me.  My heart of thanks, beautiful lady.”


Heather creates these pieces not only to help you shine brighter when you’re feeling good, but to be a source of uplifting and healing energy when you, or someone you love, is going through a time of trial. LOVEthirteen isn’t just jewelry. It’s a source of magic and healing when you need it most.

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