Glamour Ignites the Golden Goddess

She’s sitting in her chair with a gorgeous woman dusting her face in gold, another stunning woman turns her jet black hair into a work of art, and in bounces yet another shining woman with arm fulls of clothes in her hands. “Heather, you have GOT to where THIS.” The this being referenced is a stunning black leather dress by Tom Ford. The room is buzzing as everyone squeals and giggles. She leaves, only to return again with yet another dazzling garment.

This time, it’s a vintage Gucci jumpsuit dripping in golden shimmering silk. Next, the sexiest pair of Louboutin stilettos you’ve ever seen, and a statement making set of Gucci combat boots. The scene before you is every glamour girl’s dream come true, but there’s something different about this room full of glamorous women and dazzling designer apparel. Something that’s easy to feel but not nearly as easy to pinpoint…

For a long time, there have been two worlds: the material world of glamour and the spiritual world of seeking. Rarely did the paths cross. Often, women chose one or the other. Which is precisely where LOVEthirteen steps in.

What makes this whole scene so different from your average fashion photoshoot set is not just the decadent, hand-crafted jewels you see all around. What makes this set different is the glow. Everywhere you look there’s this golden glow radiating not just from Heather, but from every woman you see! The make-up artist, the hair stylist, the photographers, the owner of the home this whole thing is taking place in… they’re all… glowing!

It slowly starts to set in, that’s it! That’s what makes this whole thing so different. Divine Light is streaming everywhere! LOVEthirteen is this special crossroads where the internal beauty and the external beauty are both given the honor they deserve! It’s about the insides and the outsides BOTH being bathed in beauty. LOVEthirteen creates space for each woman to connect with her Soul on a deep level inside and express that beautiful connection through glamour on the outside. That combination leads to a result that is truly unique, it’s what Heather has coined the Golden Goddess.

When your internal beauty and your external radiance are being equally amplified at the same time, you carry a glow that is impossible to deny. A woman who radiates peace, power, grace and Divine Light. These bracelets don’t just look pretty, they are an ignition of the Golden Goddess within you.

In front of the camera, you can see that Golden Light streaming from Heather on all sides. Her eyes and her heart reflecting the desire for every woman who looks at these glamorous photos to see and feel her own beauty being reflected back to her. For you to see your beauty reflected back to you. That you would remember what you see in her, exists within you.

LOVEthirteen is not just fashionable jewelry. It’s a world where glamour and spirituality meet. It’s the perfect thing to bring healing and light to your internal world and your external world. It’s the key that unlocks your fullest, most dazzling self, so that the women who are around you can see that same thing reflected in themselves when they see you. And so the healing continues. From one woman to another, one bracelet at a time. It’s not just jewelry.

LOVEthirteen is a movement igniting the Divine, the Golden Goddess, in women across the globe.

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