Becoming a Redesigned Human

If you’ve ever wished there was a quick and easy way to add more brightness to your day, more joy to your life and to gracefully shift into your highest self, there is. As Kisma Orbovich, an incredible healer and thought leader of our time, shares she feels like a “redesigned human” as soon as she puts a LOVEthirteen bracelet on. Kisma’s words put the effect of LOVEthirteen best:

“The first time I put a LOVEthirteen bracelet on I felt like a redesigned human. It was as if the crystals and gems that Heather uses created a flow of joy and confidence. I’ve since added many to my collection and each one brings a sense of internal power and certainty as well as greater connection to my true purpose on this planet.

LOVEthirteen is a must have.”

There is no need to stay stuck in any unpleasant energy or any version of yourself that is less than your best when you have a LOVEthirteen bracelet nearby to slip on. You’ll immediately feel the shift.

This isn’t just beautiful jewelry. It’s a total life upgrade.


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